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Products > Laser Cutting Machine > Fabric Laser cutting machine > LF1530 Cloth Laser Cutting Machine
Product name : LF1530 Cloth Laser Cutting Machine
Item : Laser cutting machine
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Home fabric|cloth laser cutting machine Machine Introduction:

1. Auto feeding system to forward materials automatically
2. Dual laer heads work together to improve working efficiency
3. RECI brand laser tube--one of best laser tube in this industry
4. Red light pointer and USB interface to make machine more multifunctional
5. Stable 3 phases stepper motor

Characteristics of fabric|cloth laser cutting machine 

l Japanese technical engine running, making sure the products to run at high aped and high precision.
l The original binding beeline lead rail, the mechanic is running well and stable.
l Channel feeding, the feeding can be unlimited.
l The main parts of the electrical line adopts the imported materials, the mainly controlled CMOS chip adopts double face CPU.
l The laser cnc machine body of the machine adopts high quality aluminum, professional model and has the specification of strong and not easy for distortion.


Model LF1530 Cloth Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Area


Laser Power

 CO2 glass laser tube 80W 100W 130W
Co2 RF metal laser tube 100W 150W 200W
Max. Cutting Speed  600mm/s (24")/s (adjustable)
 Positioning Precision   0.025mm(0.0009'')
 Repeat Precision   0.08mm(0.003")
 Motor   Servo motor/ step motor
 Cooling System   Water cooling and protection system
  Support Image Format   AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST and so on.
  Interface  USB
 Power Support   AC 110V-220V/50/60Hz
  Standard Equipment   Vacuum absorb convey worktable, exhaust fan, exhaust pipe, air pump, water chiller
 Spare Parts   Reflective mirror, lens, laser tube
 Optional Device   Auto feeder, outside exhaust fans
  Machine Dimension     4300*2200*1500mm (169"*87"*59")

Packing Size


                                          Laser machine cloth/leather laser cutting samples                                           
fabric laser cutting samolescloth laser cutting sample                                                      

Applicable Materials,
This auto-feeding laser cutting machine is suitable for laser cutting on paper, leather, cloth,fabric, acrylic, wool,rubber, etc.
Applicable Industry
These models apply to cloth, leather, fabric toy, computerized embroidery cutting, electric product..

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