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Products > Laser Cutting Machine > Wood Laser Cutting Machine > L1812 Die-board Laser Cutting Machine
Product name : L1812 Die-board Laser Cutting Machine
Item : plywood Laser cutting machine
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Brief description

1. Series of flat die board laser cutting  machine

2. Adopting technology patented of  two laser heads die cutting up and down at the same time

3. Being the pioneer of laser die cutting industry of the world

4. Ball screw driving with CNC system and special designed software guarantee the high precision and stability.

5. High efficient and energy

6. Very low power consumption with only compressed air used and easy maintenance

7. Smoke extraction system make the working condition free of smoke pollution

8. Equipped with laser chiller


* To meet the requirements in knife molding, printing and packaging

* Lower risk, faster return and very low cost

* Possibility to achieve efficient laser die cutting process

* High efficiency and energy

* Easy to edit core technical operations with low maintenance costs

* Easier laser processing of thick die board (such as 25mm thick)

* Resolving all problems of kerfs of board surface and bottom are not vertical & slitting width is inconsistent and oblique slit phenomenon save the production costs of die boards

* Production processing even do not need additional gas of waiting for the machine boot when turn on it



Model L1812 Die-board Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Power 700W/900W/1200W
laser power stability <1%
Laser Type Co2 faster axis laser
Laser wavelength 10.6um
laser light spot diameter ±1.5mrad
cooling type water cooling
working area 1800mmX1200mm
Pulse Width 100us-cw
positioning precision ±0.01
Maxcutting speed 0-3000mm/min
Z axis speed 12000mm/min
operationg Temperature 0-40°C
Operating humidity 5-85°C
Gas Consuption  40NL/h(purity:99.996%)

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