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Product name : CA9060 CNC Router
Item : 3 axis CNC router
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1. Integrally cast lathe bed, robust and without distortion.

2. 3 axes transmission with imported ball screws ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine. Adopting coupling transmission guarantees the reposition accuracy when work long time.

3. Application of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.

4. High power spindle, brushless, water cooling, working vigorously with low noise, guarantees long time mass processing.

5. Humanized design enables easy disassembly of the machine for convenient transportation.

6. Water tank is optional, used to engrave glass,etc.

7.Well compatibility: CAD/DAM designing software e.g. Type 3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai etc.

8.Adopt high-speed variable frequency motor, big torque, strong cutting, high-frequency, long-life, can be a long time continuous workings.

9.Perfect lubricating system makes maintenance much easier.

10.The machine’s running smoothly at fast speed, high accuracy and with returning precision of <0.05mm.

Router cnc machine parameter

size of worktable 900mmX600mm
Resolution ration: 0.02mm
spindle power 1.5-4.4kw
Working voltage: AC380V or 200V /50Hz or 60HZ
Working precision: About 0.04mm
Location precision About 0.05mm
X,Y,Z structure Ball screw
Driving motor Step motor
The diameter of the knife Φ6,Φ12.7
Command G code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt
Spindle Rotating Speed 0-24000rpm
Compatible Software Compatible Software
Control system Nc-studio or choose DSP controller
The speed of open working 5000mm per min
Groos weight 900kg

Suitble materials:

acrylic,double color boards,PVC,density board,soft metal like aluminum,copper etc.

Application field:

Advertising,crafts,stamps,badges,departments brand,scale,small metalmodel,stationery and other industries.

Router cnc machine work videos

3D CNC Router samples


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