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Product name : CW1325 with ATC
Item : Wood cnc router machine, 3 axis cnc router
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wood cnc router Parameter

Model CW1325 cnc router machine With ATC
Outer Dimention 3200*1800*1600mm
Size of worktable 1300*2500mm or others
Running Speed 48m/min
Spindle Motor 9.0kW Italian HSD brand spindle motor with ISO30 ATC
Z Max feed-in 220mm
Dring System Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and driving system
Rack and pinion Imported helical rack and pinion for X and Y axis transimission
Ball Screw German ball-screw for Z axis transimission
Cutter ∮6 ∮12.7
Power Supply AC380V/50~60HZ
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Cable Wire U.S.A LTK brand
Weight 3.1T
Table Vacuum Absorption table (Aluminum table for optional)
Pump 7.5kw Air cooling pump

Applicable areas:

Wood Stone working :wood.wood Solid wave board process, door of cabinet、wooden door、artistic wooden door 、avoid wind、process of the artistic window,shoes cleaning machine,the cabinet of the playing machine and the board,Granite, Marble, Bluestone, Sandstone etc

Advertising; plastic。Advertising board、Label design、plastic / glass Acrylic cutting、model、of the multy material decoration products.Granite, Marble, Bluestone, Sandstone and other stone engraving etc

Model industry; It can engrave on the steal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and non-mental materials such as man-made marble, sand, plastic board PVC materials, wood board etc.

Other fields: It can engrave many image, embossment,It is widely used in artistic industry

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