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Product name : profile cutting machine
Item : pipe cutting machine, square|box cutting machine
Price : Please email us
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Profile cutting machine advantage

Profile steel such as rectangular tube, conical tube, polygonal tube, T-profile, U- profile, etc; other special shapes and cutting requirements can be customized according to customer's demands. this pipe profiling machinery is a good beam cutting machine, square tube cutting machine.
• User friendly design and easy operation, cutting process can be well monitored and cutting accuracy can be well verified by computer,also,NC class DSTV specification can be provided.
• Rich and extensible raw material library, covering GB, JIS, ASTM; complete bevel types such as fixed angle, fixed point, fixed, AWS,etc

3D profiling cutting Machine parameter
No. Model profile cutting machine
1 Cutting Diameter/Side Length 60mm-600mm
2 cutting model

Plasma:Powermax105(according to your demands)   
Flame 6-200mm

Cutting Thickness
Plasma: 3-20mm
Flame: 6-50mm
4 Cutting Length 6000mm/1200mm
5 Pipe’s Ovality ≤1%
6 Cutting speed 10~6000mm/min
7 Moving speed 4500 mm/min
8 Max-weight of pipe 3000Kg
9 pipe Skew angle 10Ο-170Ο
10 Bevel cutting range:             

flame: 60 degree ,
plasma: 45 degree(need 6 axis machine) 

11 Accuracy Error 0.2Ο/360Ο
12 Cutting Accuracy ±0.5mm/4000mm
13 Positioning Accuracy ±0.25mm/8000mm
14 Re-positioning Accuracy ±0.20/8000mm

                           Box profiling samples                                                                              

beam profiling sample

After service

1. After service and maintenance

we supply good technical consulting service for our pipe profiling machinery,insallation, operation, maintenance. such as inst user can through telephone or Web  to communicate with our technical department .
Supplier ensure give the feedback in 24 hours after received the question . If the telephone or the remote assistance can't solve the problem , supplier will arrange our engineer to come to user scene for equipment maintenance.

2.Quality warranty .

Our profiling cutting machine warranty is after the inspection, consumables such as cutting torch ,solenoid valve for free in one month , CNC system and other control part ,we supply free maintenance for 12 months ( beside the artificial damage . After 12 month ,supplier supply the maintenance , user only need charge the cost of the basic fee . Supplier supply the diffrent spare and accessory parts in low cost at a long time.  

Box profling work video

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