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Products > CNC Router > Stone CNC router > CS1325 stone cnc router
Product name : CS1325 stone cnc router
Item : 3 axis CNC router, stone cnc router
Price : Please email us
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 Stone snc router Features:

1. It is 3 axis cnc router, Linear rails on X, Y (Y axis is controlled by two motors)and Z (ballscrew transmission)axes are used to guarantee high accuracy and stable performance, and support heavy weight. The square sliding blocks are of good dust-proof effect. Automatic oil feeding and lubricating system makes the regular maintenance very easy.

2. Superior high power water-cooling spindle could keep working at low noise level, safeguarding stability for long-time operation.

3. Break-point memory enable the machine to continue the unfinished work after a work shift or accidents, such as tool breaking.

4. Compatible with many CAD/CAM software, such as Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Wentai, etc.

Router cnc machine Technical parameters:

Model CS1325 stone cnc router Optional
X,Y working area 1300*2500mm  
Z working area 200mm Up to 300mm or more
Table size 1500*3000mm  
Working table T-slot aluminum table with water tray  
Lathe structure Welded steel tube frame  
Guide rail Taiwan PMI linear square guide rails  
Transmission system
Rack and pinion on X,Y axis,
ball screw on Z axis
Driving system Stepper drive and motor Servo drive and motor
Repositioning accuracy  ±0.03mm  
Max travelling speed  20000mm/min  
Max working speed   7000mm/min  
Spindle  4.5kw water-cooling spindle  
Rotation Rate  0-24000rpm  
Working voltage  380v/220v,50hz  
Control system  NC studio DSP controller
Command  G code(*uoo, *nc, *mmg, *plt)  
3D Stone cnc router samples:
3d stone engraving stone cnc router


Suitable for big size hard materials such as marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, ceramic tiles, glass, etc, can be engraved by such machine, to produce arts and crafts, pictures, etc. This machine can be also used to work on wood, advertising materials.

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