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Products > Laser Engraving Machine > glass laser engraving machine > LG1825 laser glass engraving machine
Product name : LG1825 laser glass engraving machine
Item : laser glass engraving machine
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glass laser engraving machine Chracteristics

1.The worldwide advanced air-suspending working platform overcomes totally the difficulty of moving processed glass easily on platform and improves working efficiency at high level.
2.  Open style working platform is convenient to put materials for coordinating with assembly line which meets demands of large area and quantity working.
3.  This glass laser engraving machine adopts hybrid optical path to create high utilization rate of optical energy. Totally closed optical path has high security through using unique smart prediction algorithm and modified control algorithm to guarantee rapid processing,stability and high running speed.
4.  The real-time adjustment of laser energy magnificently improves the function about automatic compensation of laser energy in the course of cutting and engraving to improve processing effect. the laser glass engraving machine has other advantages such as multi-material processing,closing up automaticlly,non-deformation,optional computer design of graphics.  
5.  this cnc laser engraving machine is designed as wide voltage to make sure normal use under unstable voltage and electric current so that laser machine performance is improved greatly.
6.  High engraving speed and precision are generated by the most worldwide advanced  square guide rail for transmission. The engraving speed of this kind of machine is at least five times higher than other glass engraving machines.

Glass laser engraving machine technical Parameters

LG1825 glass laser engraving machine  
Working Area
Laser power 
Laser Type
Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
Working Platform
air suspending work table,feeding from four directions
Working Speed
Resolution Rate
±0.05mm(without red light)
Supported Graphic Format
Cooling Mode
water cooling and protection system
Working Voltage
AC220±10% ,50~60Hz ,  10A max
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
5%~95% (without condensed water)
Driving System
Stepper(optional Servo)

Laser glass engraving machine samples

laser glass engravingglass laser engraving 
laser engraving glass samples

Applicable Industries
glass decoration for furniture,glass lamps,glass bricks,glass doors,glass bathroom accessories,etc.
Applicable Materials: ultra clear glass,colorful glass,common plate glass,ground glass,etc.

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