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Products > Plasma Cutting Machine > steel pipe plasma cutting machine > 4 axis pipe bevel cutting machine
Product name : 4 axis pipe bevel cutting machine
Item : pipe cutting and beveling machine
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This pipe plasma cutting machine can cut all kind of pipe steel, the 4 axis pipe plasma cutting have the beveling function, can do all kind of pipe profiling on branch pipe, it is a good 3D pipe cutting machine.

3D pipe cutting

Cutting and beveling specifications
1. Cutting steel type: Round or square tube.
2. Figures can be cut: variety of graphics by outspreading intersecting line, can be with bevel.
3. Control Axes:4-5-6 axies, bevel cutting with six spindle and six-interlocking.
4. Diameter:60-600mm or customize (bigger dia.)
5. Thickness of the pipe: flame:6-200mm,plasma:3-20mm
6. Bevel cutting range:flame 60degree,plasma 45degree.
7. Cutting way: plasma or gas
8. Pipe max length:≥6m
9. Pipe clamping method: Chuck
10. Power-driven: high-precision AC servo+dedicated planetary reducer
11. Control System: a dedicated intersecting line cutting system: 6-axis controlled,with quantitative intersecting line cutting macro library.

Pipe cutting machine Parameter

No. Model 4 axis pipe bevel cutting machine
1 Cutting diameter Φ=50mm-600mm or special design
2 Plasma bevel thickness bevel 1mm-11mm
3 Source of plasma Hypertherm 105A
4 cutting thickness of pipe wall plasma cutting 1-20mm
OXY cutting: 6-100mm
5 Valid cutting length 6000mm/12000mm
6 Requirments of angle ≤1%
7 Cutting speed 10~2000mm/min
8 Moving speed 10~6000 mm/min
9 Cutting torch wave angle of axis α=±45°
10 Cutting torch wave angle of diameter β=±45°
11 Can be cutting pipe max. Weight 21000Kg

Beveling & cutting samples
Cutting and beveling

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