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Antifreezing Issue of Laser cutting Machine in Winter

Author : Date : 9/4/2012 8:31:31 AM
               Antifreezing Issue of Laser cutting Machine in Winter
Winter is coming, its colder and colder. We’d like to show us warm remind to our new and old customers, who use Laser cutting machine with glass laser tube, that the antifreezing measures must be taken well. CO2 laser tube is cooled by water, when it is around 25℃, enegry of the tube will be strongest. So its important to prevent freezing in winter and prevent high tempreture in Summer.
Weather is cold,and at night tempreture drops sharply. If the water in the tube is not empty, the cooling layer of the tube will freeze and expand, falling to break down, leading to the laser tube couldn’t work properly.And as its not included in the gurantee replacement if the tube is froze broken in winter. So please kindly follow our suggestions.
I. Antifreeze of the ordinary CO2 laser tube water chiller and water pump
When the temperature reaches the freezing point in winter, when you don’t use the laser cutting machine, please pay attention to antifreeze of the laser tube, water pump , water chiller and the water pipe
1laser tube:
(1) please let the silicone tube of inlet and outlet disconnect; Blow clean the water inside the laser tube with your mouth or pump. 60w laser tube can also be blow clean by a small gas pump or air compressor. About 40W laser tube , we advice you blow clean with month or air pump. Please make sure the inside of laser tube no water
(2) If still has water inside the laser tube, laser tube can be removed, and then empty the water inside. (if so ​,​next time need to adjust the optical path, ensure that technicians can master this skill, or we don’t advice use this method)
(3) Keep the room warm. There should be air conditioner in the house to prevent freezing.
(4) Add anti-freeze fluid to cooling system of laser cutting machine. In winter, we should add anti-freeze fluid to water chiller or bucket to avoid unnecessary trouble. Usually there is a dilution ratio for anti-freeze fluid. According to local temperature and instructions of the anti-freeze fluid, mix with water
2 . Water pump and water chiller
(1) Note(for water pump user): the black tube in water cycling device is water protection device. We should make sure to outwell the water, otherwise, water protection device should be damaged in cold days.
(2) Prevent water pump freezing. Let out the water in water pump, keep the room warm or take it somewhere warm or add anti-freezing fluid to the bucket.(mix with water according to instructions)
(3) There is a dirt outlet and a turning head under the water chiller, it’s convenient to let out the water. Then take the water chiller to somewhere warm and add clear water into it when using next time. Or take the water chiller somewhere warm that may not freezing. Or add anti-freezing fluid to the bucket.(mix with water according to instructions)
3. To avoid water pipe freezing and block. Blow out water in water pipe with mouse air pump or a small air compressor.
II. Freezing prevention for metal marking machine
prevent freezing, mainly for the marking module Q switch water chiller and water pipe.
1. Laser Marking Module: Because of frost crack, the laser module can not be used, repaired and guaranteed, so customers need to pay special attention on frost:
Turn off the laser marking machine and water chiller, and then find one pipe with 8mm diameter. Pull out the pipe for water in & water out (any of them is ok), and blow completely the pipe with mouth or air pump, must remove all the water, and assure that do not leave any water inside the laser module.
2. Water Chiller anti-freezing: Remove all the water inside of the water chiller, and put the water chiller in the working place that will not reach the freezing point.
3. Water Pipe anti-freezing: Blowing away all the water inside of the water pipe.
4. Put the machine in the working place that will not reach the freezing point, it is better to put it in one heating or air-conditioned environment 
5. Attention: Because the laser working principles are different, so do not put any antifreeze liquid in the water chiller of Diode-Side Pump Laser Marking Machine.
III Anti-freezing method of co2 laser marking machine is same as the first one.
In order to avoid unnecessary losses, as your love machine "add warm clothing," thank you!

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