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Clean the CNC Cutting machine per day

Author : Date : 8/5/2014 11:38:29 AM
CNC Plasma cutting machine is widely machinery and equipment  now, because CNC cutting machine working environment is very poor, metal dust is relatively large, if pay little attention to conservation in the work, it will produce a great deal of influence on the device's normal operation , it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive  cleaning and maintenance.

A torch and consumable parts: any dirty of  torch and consumable parts will seriously affect  plasma cutting system. When replace consumable parts, you need to put them on a clean cloth, and check the connecting thread cutting torch, used hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface of electrode and nozzle.

 2, the nozzle: Elected air or oxygen as plasma gas, the nozzle will be deposited oxide, this oxide will affect the cutting airflow, reduce the life of consumable parts. Use a clean cloth to wipe the nozzle to eliminate oxides.

3, protective cover: you need  clear the slag on the cutting torch protection cover, slag otherwise will produce destructive "heavy plasma arc."

maintenance: After a day's work,  promptly clean up the machine and guide, turn off gas supply and power after work, the residual gas in the machine pipe should be promptly emptied; observe if there is oil on surface of the machine transverse, longitudinal rails and teeth the presence, so that it remains well-oiled; if you do not use the machine in a long time, you need turn off the power to avoid non-professional person's operation.

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