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Fiber laser cutting machine, metal cnc cutting machine

Author : Date : 1/11/2013 6:07:19 AM
Fiber laser cutting machine
The Fiber laser cutting machine is the new technology, it is a Revolutionary change in metalworking industry, compair with Co2 laser cutting machine and YAG Laser cutting machine, it is will have some advantage as follow:
1. High quality laser beam: smaller focal spot, refined cutting kerfs, higher working efficiency, better processing quality.
2. Rapid cutting speed: the cutting speed is twice as fast as CO2 laser (cutting with equal laser power)
3. Stable performance: laser device lifetime can be up to 400,000 working hours.
4. High photoelectric conversion ratio: its efficiency is 3 times higher than common CO2 laser, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
5. Low running costs: gross power is just 20-30% of CO2 laser.
6. Low maintenance costs: no working gas for laser device; optical fiber transmission doesn’t need reflecting lens, which save lots of maintenance costs.
7. Easy operation and maintenance: optical fiber transmission and no need to adjust the optical path.

 Industrial Applications:

Applied in a variety of industries ,such as medical microelectronics,spectacle frame,metro accessories,mechanical parts,arts and crafts,hardware,advertising,etc.

Suitable Materials:
Mainly suitable for fast cutting on various sheet metals such as carbon steel,silicon steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,titanium alloy,galvanized sheet and other sheet metal.

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