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How to buy from China Smartly

Author : Date : 12/4/2012 9:23:47 PM
How to buy from China Smartly?
Buyers always want to by products with highest Quality and lowest Price. But it's really hard to reach the balance level. Usually, the buyers expect to receive highest quality products, but they only want to pay lowest price. 

From our quality inspection experience for more than 60 vendors, most of the products will have their different price levels for different quality levels. So Buyers need to buy the products with reasonable prices-quality level products.
So it’s a challenge for our buyers to make a choice for what kind of price levels for what kind of quality levels. Most of the vendors will tell Buyers that their products are with highest quality even if they don’t get any profits. At this time Buyers shall be more caution for the quality.
How to minimize the risk to receive unexpected products quality levels? Here are some tips or advice for Buyers’ reference,

1. Think Reasonable and Be Realistic. Prices mean nothing when you have no idea about the factory status and product quality. Paying too much attention on the lowest prices may not be a smart choice. In order to win orders from Buyers, some vendors will quote very low prices, in order to give this lower quotation, they will turn to some normal or even unqualified parts for their products, this definitely will sacrifice the higher quality and better after-service in warranty time

2. Arrange factory audits before any business with new vendor. Visit potential vendors will always be a smart action and it will help you reduce the risk of nightmare. It will help you avoid starting the cooperation with a unqualified vendor. You will never meet a trouble to deal with those unqualified products at your warehouse. 

3. Confirm approval samples before any mass production. Release your requirements to vendors the moment you release the order. It is very important for Buyers to release all requirements when you start to release the orders. Vendors are dealing with many Buyers and
your delayed requirements or demands will or may bring some chaos or make the delivery time delay.

4. Never believe easily vendors will make highest quality products with lowest prices. Everything may happen during the manufacturing and the assembly processes here in China. The Vendors’ In-house QC are always working for vendors, the vendors are the employer.

5. Never rely on court action when you have quality products or you have mass production complaints or rejection of whole batch products. In most of cases, the court will destroy your business for a long time and it’s a kind of wasting time. The time for such cases will normally last about 12 months or more.

All in all, be smart and precautious, work with qualified vendors and get quality control and solve all quality problems in China, then you will be happy to receive products with the priceslevel quality.

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