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How to purchase the laser cutting machine from China

Author : Date : 10/25/2012 7:57:58 PM

    How to purchase the laser cutting machine from China

· 1
Learn about the material you will work with the laser cutting machine. Some materials as cloth require weaker lasers, while metals need strong lasers.
· 2
Focus on the type of work you want the laser cutting machine . Somebody want to engrave on materials but other want to cut the materials, and somebody want to make mark on materials with high speed, but others want the sophisticated work.
· 3
Investigate how much of a power scale you want. Some lasers are light in their penetrative powers, while others utilize the entire wattage of power given to them. If you want lasers for artistic purposes, you may want a lighter laser. For manufacturing purposes, you might need a laser powerful enough to penetrate certain metals.
· 4
Determine the focus level you want in your machine. Some laser cutting machines have a large scale of measurements for their cutting. This allows you know how deep and wide you want your laser cuts to be. A machine with many settings is probably preferred..
· 5
Investigate how much you size of materials is, it will decide how big your machine is. Choose the most suitable size of worktable. If the max-size of your materials is 4’’X8’’, you can choose the machine with 1300mmX2500m.. Make a notice of the unit of measure. And how much the actual size the machine can work.
· 6
When you discuss the machine with factory or the trade company, sent some materials to them for a test, check up the video of the machine’s work and the finish(if you can not visit China.) after that, you will know which machine you will choose.


Notice the origin of the key parts, such as the laser system, motor, ballscrew, control system and software.Check up the details of the machine’s body, the structure, forged steel or others, there is a positioning [setting] accuracy, it is a very important parameter, will decide the accuracy of the machine, ask them for the actual data of your machine.

there are many good machine In China , there will be different in the quality even the machine come out from the same factory, So, choose the machine step by step, you will obtain the good machine with a good price. 
Learn how to purchase the laser cutting machine from China, you will find it is a great and economic things to purchase the machine from China



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