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Maintenance of cnc router

Author : Date : 3/13/2013 7:52:41 AM

Maintenance of CNC cnc router

CNC system is the heart of the CNC router, therefore CNC system maintenance is very important .After a long time work, The electronic components will damage sometimes, In order to extend the lifetime of components and parts of the wear cycle and prevent all kinds of faults, it is a good idear to keep maintenance for the cnc machine.

1,Regular monitoring Grid voltage which CNC system used

The cnc system allow the grid voltage fluctuations in the range of 85% to 110% of the rated. If it out of this range, It will affect the cnc system' s work, Even the internal electronic components of the NC system will damage.

2,Regularly replace the memory battery

3,CNC system maintenance is not being used for a long period

In order to improve the CNC system utilization and reduce the numerical control syste's failure, cnc router should be used at full capacity rather than long-term idle:

(1) To frequent power to the CNC system,Especially inHumid environment, In the case of the machine lock fixed, Let the CNC system dry run. Using electrical components fever to dissipate the moisture in the CNC system, it can ensure reliable performance of electronic devices,

(2) CNC cnc router use DC input servo drive and DC spindle servo drive,we should remove the brush from the DC motor and avoid chemical corrosion,It makes the commutator surface corrosion,Cause commutation performance deterioration, or even the whole motor damage.

4, Do not open CNC cabinet and electric cabinet doors frequently

If you opent the cabinet frequently, it will be easy for oil mist, dust or metal powder in the machine shop air to fall on the printed lines or electrical items of the NC system, it will cause decreased insulation resistance between the components, Even it cause damage to the components and printed circuit. when you use the cnc router in summer of along time, do not Open the the CNC cabinet door to cool, This is not desirable.6,Regular cleaning the ventilation system of the CNC cabinet

Key word: maintenance of the cnc router

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