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Maintenance of laser engraving machine

Author : Date : 12/7/2012 4:17:33 AM
Maintenance of laser engraving machine

1:Keep the machine good connection with ground

The laser source, and the laser engraving machine casing have a good connection with the ground, usually use the special ground wire less than 4Ω.

1) it can keep the work of laser source mormally

2) It can prolong the life of the laser tube
3) It will prevent the laser cutting machine from the external interference, which will make the machine work 

4) It will prevent the laser cutting machine from effluve, which will damage the circuit.

2:Keep the cooling waters smoothly

No only use the tap-water but the water pump, making the water smoothly is very important, because the cooling water will l take the heat produced
by laser away,and higher the water temperature, the lower output laser power. When there is not any water in the laser tube, the laser tube will
rupture because of the heat. Even damage the laser power source. So, checking up whether the cooling water is smooth frequently is very important. When there is problem of the water pipe or the water pump, you must repair timely.

3: Keep the machine clean, Good exhaust:

The laser cutting machine’ s bed need bing cleaned frequently. It will make the machine work smoothly, and the movement system of laser cutting machine is very precision core part. After your work, please clean it, and keep it smooth.(include the bearings)

4:Notice the temperature and humidity of work environment

The workt environment temperature should be in the range of 5-35℃.

Note: if you will use the machine in cold work environment, please refer to the
Antifreezing Issue of Laser cutting Machine in Winter

5:Use the the button of “laser high-voltage” correctly

When you press the button of laser high voltage. The laser source will be in the standby state. It will delivery the laser when you operate the machine or computer. So please have a notice.

6:Keep the machine away the huge electro and strong vibration equipment

The interference from accident huge electro, will lead the machine dose not work sometime. Maybe it not happen sometime.But have a notice.

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