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Maintenance of portable plasma/flame cutting machine

Author : Date : 8/5/2014 2:22:00 PM
The maintenance of portable CNC cutting machine, not only to exclude existing failure and extend the service life of the portable cutting machine; but also to reduce new fault produced after repair. Thus, user need to  increase the quality of portable CNC cutting machine maintenance, you should do three points as follows:

1, Take timely measures to repair. Effective and reliable repair measures, according to  mature technology in the existing conditions, pay attention to compliance with the relevant safety standards, do not generate the  new unreliable links and new sources of error.

2, the correct analysis on the reasons of failure. Analysis to determine the cause of the failure, in order to take measures to prevent the repetition of similar failures.

3, a complete record of the repair process. Specific maintenance records should include:
1) Symptom
2) Faulty
3) The solution
4) the remaining issues
5) date and downtime
6) Maintenance Personnel
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