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The impact of Airflow affecting Removal of waste residue in laser cutting machine

Author : Date : 3/13/2013 7:19:33 AM
The impact of Airflow affecting Removal of waste residue in laser cutting machine

Many users may not notice that Gas has a certain impact on laser cutting machine. Especially the secondary gas in the cutting process,It also has a great influence on the results of the cutting.in order to completely clear cut when the sludge generated,The auxiliary gas must have a certain amount of pressure Under normal circumstances,When cutting a thick workpiece.Pressure should reduce some.Because stick to the workpiece on the waste residue could damage the cut edge. On the contrary,If the airflow is too much, there will be reaction,Especially some central enterprises auxiliary gas, metal cutting,In short,Anyway, we will cause a lot of waste.

In otder to avoid the high-speed airflow adverse reactions caused by the cutting performance,We first can envision methods to change the airstream distribution of the total pressure,However, if we change the air flow inside the pressure distribution,Melting process must occur in the center of the area of ??low pressure.

Because intermittent high-pressure zone will not cause any interference to the speed of light,And the melting efficiency will improve a lot.So when the high-pressure zone can improve enough power and can guarantee fast and effective removal of the slag.

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