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Update the software of laser engraving machine

Author : Date : 1/18/2013 6:03:40 AM
Update the software of laser engraving machine- 6535 control card
First copy the software to the desk of PC. 
1. Format the USB with FAT. In the original software file pocket, there is a file named “Manufactures parameter”     FMW file     two files who are . FMW and .HDW. Save these two files in the USB. Then take off the USB.
2. Under the conditions of the machine closed, plug the USB in the laser machine .Turn on the laser machine, wait about 30-60 seconds, then take off the USB. 
3. Download and install the lasercut5.3 into the computer (you would better download it in to C disk) and searching the USB driver system
4. After installing the software, it will generate a folder Laser cut 53 in C disk. Copy the two files in “FMW” folder into the Lasercut5.3 software folder in C disk. (The two files are got in Step 1).
5. Start the software, then “Download”( at the lower right corner of the software screen), there will be another table, please click “DOWNLOAD CFG”. The panel will make a voice once it is ok. 
6. Start to work.

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