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Why use the waterjet

Author : Date : 10/21/2012 6:10:50 PM
Because of its infinite range of applications, waterjet cutting becomes the cutting technology that develops fastest in the world. It is recognized that waterjet cutting machines can cut almost any materials you know. Various scales of processing manufacturers in all industries use waterjet cutting machines, which provide them with higher productivity and production capacity. Waterjet become necessary equipment of more and more production processing enterprises. 

What makes waterjet  so popular? The reason is that waterjet with a cutting temperature ranging from 40 to 46ºC will not produce a lot of heat when cutting , there is not heat distortion or other mechanical changes caused by the cutting method; waterjet cutting does not produce arc marks and it is safe and economical (generates no exhaust gases or wastes pollution); generally re-processing is unnecessary after waterjet cutting; water jet cutting machines can do cutting processing at arbitrary curves and punching, need no molds, and the workpiece needs no special clamping, easy to operate; cutting seam is only 1 mm to 2 mm with a perfect effect, which can make raw materials be used better, for many parts can be nested together closely; and water jet cutting machines are easy to operate, just one person can operate it.  just because of these advantages, make water jet cutting machine play an important role in all industries and fields. 

Usually, we like the speed and effect of laser cutting machine, but when cut the thick metal, the laser cutting machine will slow its cost will raise, there is a complementary on the waterjet cutting and laser cutting. but in the some areas, the role of waterjet is irreplaceable.such as glass cutting, stone cutting, Ceramic cutting.

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