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puchase laser engraving machine

Author : cncmetalcut.com Date : 11/21/2014 9:30:50 AM
Laser Engraving Machine Buying Guide
1) Service:
Laser engraving machine’s spare parts: laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, there is a work life, which need to be replaced after the expiration. This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, they can provide these supplies timely. Some client always try to get things on cheap, They will buy laser engraving machine purchase cheap laser machine from small plant, six months later, laser laser tube needs to be replaced, then you can not contact the manufacturers, found empty.

2)Product Quality As the saying goes, The professionals watch the gateway , while the un-professionals watch the fun . It is the same in laser engraving machine, machine’s parts is not the same, following example illustrates:

a)stepper motor: it will effect the carving precision of laser engraving machine, some machine adopt imported stepping motor, some machine adopt good domestic famous stepper motor, some machine will adopt bad motor.
b) laser lens: it will effect the laser power of laser engraving machine, it have imported lenses, domestic lens, the domestic laser lens divided in two imported materials production and use of domestic materials production, the price is different, and the use of performance, service life gap is also great different
c) laser tube: This is the heart of CNC laser engraving machine. Since the laser tube imported is very expensive, generally in the thousands of dollars, so most of the domestic laser engraving machine laser tube made in China. The Chinese laser tube is very stable now, such as 150W-180w can cut stainless and most non-metal, but there are many laser tube factory, the quality and price is different.
d) mechanical assembly quality: To reduce costs, some manufacturers use thin metal machines body, users generally can not find the difference, but after a certain time, , the frame will be deformed,

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